Growing a Facebook Following From Scratch


Social media is very powerful.


But unless you live in a remote tribe in the Amazon cut off from civilization you already know that, don’t you? 


When you are an affiliate marketer, you cannot ignore the power and reach of being social. It’s possible to get a lot of traffic to your website via social media. And the biggest social network by far currently is…yes you guessed it…Facebook.


As of 2017 Facebook had over 2.07 billion monthly active users. That’s a hell of a lot of people!!


If you want to tap into that audience, you need to know what you are doing. And like anything in this world, it’s possible to learn exactly how you can do it by following a proven method.


So read on to find out what has worked for me…


Starting a Facebook Campaign

Below are the first 2 weeks statistics for a campaign we started running for a new page which was created completely from scratch;


Facebook Statistics


As you can see, by the second week we had a reach of over 15,200 people, total page likes of over 1,280 people and those people were pretty much engaged with the page.


This was achieved by a combination of techniques, analysis, specific targeting and modest advertising.


Organic reach can then be sustained thereafter or greater reach achieved depending on the goals of the page or group.


The steps are simple, but require effort and time – this is extremely important to understand as you can gain success following a method but you then have to maintain it and that requires ongoing work.


So What’s The Plan?

To get you started, we will show you what we did in the above example.


It’s a simple formula which you can follow again and again to get the results you need.


Here’s the steps;


  • Facebook Like   Identify the goal or objective you want to reach – give this a lot of thought before you start as it’s vital you know why you are doing it.


  • Facebook Like   Identify your audience.


  • Facebook Like   Create your page/group and put some effort into it – use quality and relevant images and fill out as much detail as you can in the about sections.


  • Facebook Like   Invite friends to like your page or group (this is optional and they should be interested or it is a waste of time).


  • Facebook Like   Do a modest promotional advertisement for 2 weeks spending no more than USD3.00 per day – USD42.00 Total.


  • Facebook Like   Post at least 3 times per day, every single day, with relevant content.


  • Facebook Like   Review the reports to fine-tune your audience and optimize the best times for posting.



Always review what you are doing and adapt to maximize your efforts.


Please leave a comment or ask a question below and good luck!

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